Estimates the cost and time of operations based on user entered rate and standard. This calculation is used for operations where standards vary widely from operation to operation.

Operation Setup Requirements:

  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per hour
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate
  4. Calc:19
  5. Sub Key: Labor, Material or Fixed Purchase
  6. Makeready Sheets: Option to add makeready sheet requirements (adds units to preceding operation to allow for makeready, no direct impact on this operation)

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:

  1. Number Up
  2. Bind Quantity
  3. Units Per Hour
  4. Spoilage %
  5. J% or M %
  6. Rate (for material operations)
  7. Remarks
  8. Memo

Deliver Quantity (if last bindery operation) = Estimate Quantity
Deliver Quantity (if not last bindery operation) = Next Bindery Gross Qty + Next Bindery MR Qty
Deliver Qty increases as bindery operations with spoilage and/or makeready sheets are added
Gross Run Qty = (Deliver Quantity / Number Up) / (1 - Spoil %)
Gross Run Qty / Units per Hour = Standard Hours
Standard Hours x J% = Estimated Hours
Estimated Hours x Rate = Cost $
Cost $ x Markup % = Markup $
Cost $ + Markup $ = Sell $