Estimates folding or other linear cost and time based on travel inches and direction changes.

Operation Setup Requirements:

  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per hour
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate
  4. Calc: 16
  5. Sub Key: Labor
  6. Travel Rate (Feet/Minute): Folder speed in feet per minute
  7. Setup Time: Base setup minutes
  8. Minimum Time: Option to define a minimum number of minutes
  9. Run Spoilage %: Spoilage %
  10. Makeready Sheets: Option to add additional sheets for folding setup
  11. Default Direction Changes
  12. Default Travel Inches to: One or Form Dimension plus definable gap
  13. Use Number Up from form: tracks #Out from form and is not editable
  14. Variable Speed: Option to vary the travel rate based on units (quantity) or travel inches

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:

  1. Number Up (not editable when track for form on)
  2. Idents
  3. Travel Inches (sheet size plus gap inches)
  4. Direction Changes (number of times paper changes direction in folder)
  5. Makeready sheets (adds units to preceding operation to allow for makeready, no direct impact on this operation)
  6. Spoilage %
  7. J%
  8. Remarks
  9. Memo


Deliver Quantity (if last bindery operation) = Estimate Quantity

Deliver Quantity (if not last bindery operation) = Next Bindery Gross Qty + Next Bindery MR Qty

Deliver Qty increases as bindery operations with spoilage and/or makeready sheets are added

Gross Fold Qty = ((Deliver Quantity / Number Up) x Idents) / (1 - run spoilage%)

(((Gross Fold Qty x Travel Inches)/12) / Travel Rate) x (1+(Direction Changes x 0.02)) = Fold Minutes

(Setup Minutes + Fold Minutes) / 60 = Standard Hours

Standard Hours x J% = Estimated Hours

Estimated Hours x Rate = Cost $

Cost $ x Markup % = Markup $

Cost $ + Markup $ = Sell $