Estimates the number of sheets, weight and cost of paper based on estimate quantity. Different weights of similar paper may be entered as one operation.

Operation Setup Requirements:

  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per unit
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate
  4. Calc: 11
  5. Sub Key: Paper
  6. Basis Size Sheet: Square inches of basis sheet size
  7. Filter on Basis Square Inches for Non-Stock: Makes available only Non-Stock items with matching Basis Square Inch definition
  8. Basis WT: Option to define default basis weight for paper
  9. Caliper: Paper Caliper (optional, used by cutting by caliper and max press speeds by caliper)
  10. Default for Price: $/M (per 1000 sheets) or CWT (per 100 pounds)
  11. Default for Weight: Basis WT or MWT
  12. Paper Type: Coated or Non-Coated (used only by Calc 12: Ink)
  13. Filter on Coated for Non-Stock: Makes available only Non-Stock items with matching Coated setting
  14. Protect Pounds: Prevents override of calculated paper
  15. Digital Paper: Check to integrate with Calc 9 by prompting estimator to enter number of originals
  16. Round Order Sheets: Option to round calculated sheets up to defined increment
  17. Override with Vendor Min/Mult will replace general rounding figure with selected items minimum/multiple figures
  18. Vary Paper M% Based on Pounds: A table will appear when checked to apply markup percentages based on total order pounds

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:

  1. Order Size (defaults to run size)
  2. #Out for Press: Number of press sheets available per order sheet size
  3. Originals: Only appears if defined as a Digital Paper, used to enter the number of originals to feed Calc 9
  4. Cost Code: Default for Price ($/M or CWT)
  5. Basis Weight (or MWT): Default weight of paper, modifiable
  6. Caliper: Default caliper of paper, modifiable
  7. Order Sheets: Quantity / # Out for Press
  8. Rate: Rate per unit of measure ($/M or CWT)
  9. Order Pounds: Weight in pounds of order sheets
  10. M%: Additional markup percentage
  11. Remarks
  12. Memo
  13. Select Inventory: Option to select specific inventory item (Available if Inventory active), Non-Stock Item or Free Form Item.  Selected items will update item specific fields and display item code and description to the left of the Select Inventory button.  The field below the button can be used to type a vendor item code for quick entry.


Estimate Quantity / # Out for Press = Order Sheets

Order Pounds (if MWT) = (Order Sheets x MWT)/1000

Order Pounds (if BWT) = (Order Sheets x Order Size x BWT)/(500 x Basis Size)

Paper Cost $ (if $/M) = (Order Sheets / 1000) x $ Rate

Paper Cost $ (if CWT) = (Order Pounds / 100) x $ Rate

Paper Cost $ x Markup % = Markup $

Paper Cost $ + Markup $ = Sell $