Estimates material or labor costs with a fixed unit price where production (time) standards do not apply. A unit may be pieces, minutes, hours, etc. 

Operation Setup Requirements:
  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per unit
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended), alternate sell rate or sell grid
  4. Calc: 1
  5. Sub Key: Labor or Material
  6. Set units to: Option to default units to pre-assigned number, pages, sheets, form quantity, etc.
  7. Rate Per M: Makes $ Rate per thousand
  8. Rate Override: Allows user to change unit rate on Estimate screen
  9. JC Cost By Quantity: Job Control Cost uses Quantity x Rate (vs. Hours x Rate). Only available if subkey is labor.


Estimate Specification Input Prompts:

  1. Units (not editable if set to pages, sheets or form quantity)
  2. Rate (can be changed only if rate override checked in definition)
  3. J% or Markup %
  4. Remarks
  5. Memo

C01 E


Units x Rate = Cost $

Cost $ x Markup % = Markup $

Cost $ + Markup $ = Sell $