Top half of the Operations Screen:

Operations Top

Operations include two sections. The top section includes general information used by Estimate, Job Control and Shopnet.

Op#: Each operation is assigned a number. We recommend a numbering pattern that is synthesized with your Department and Cost Center numbers. Please see the Sample Structure for an example. Operation numbers must be unique within a cost center. Duplicate operation numbers should rarely be used, generally for maintenance functions only (non estimate operations).

Dept & CC: Select the Cost Center and Department that this operation relates to.

Description: The name/description of this operation as you would like it to appear on screens and reports.

Rate: The cost per unit for this operation. The 'unit' will vary based on the calculation chosen. The rate is usually the hourly rate for labor transactions.

Sell $ Use: For use by Estimate.  The "Rate" entered in the previous field is generally the 'cost'.  The sell can be calculated by applying a Markup % (recommended), using an alternate Sell Rate or, for some calculations, a tiered sell grid. 
No Markup: Used to exclude an operation from intermediate markups (overall markup still applies).
The following chart explains how markups are applied in relation to the Sell $ Use and No Markup Options:
Sell $ UseNo Markup OnNo Markup Off
Markup %Intermediate & Overall Markups IgnoredIntermediate & Overall Markups Applied
Rate*Overall Markup IgnoredOverall Markup Applied
Grid*Overall Markup IgnoredOverall Markup Applied
*These options never apply the intermediate markup (Labor, Material, Paper, Purchase)

Est Link: Used by Estimate to add groups of related operations with a single selection.  Press Makeready, for example, commonly links to the Press Run.

Prod Std: A production standard for the operation to be used to measure efficiency on Job Control Production Analysis and Employee Efficiency reports.

Milestones: Used by the Milestone Schedule module. Assigns estimated hours to corresponding Milestone.

Begin/End Status: The Job Status of a form will be updated to the associated status when an operation Begins and/or Ends in real time via Shopnet.

JC Link: A labor transaction can automatically post associated materials when linked via JC Link.

Estimate Operation: Defaults checked. Uncheck to define an operation that will not be used by estimating (ex. maintenance operations).

Always Pop-Up: When adding operations to an Estimate Form, check this box to display the detail window for review every time it's added.

Inactive: Used to prevent new Estimates from using an operation. Once an operation has been used, it cannot be deleted.

Taxable: Used to view taxable totals of costs posted to Job Control. This field becomes available when "Track Taxable Items" is check on the System Settings Misc Tab.

Import: For use by some Legacy Printers Software users.

The bottom section includes calculation specific details and is unique to each calculation.  The bottom portion is used exclusively by the Estimate module and covered in detail in the Calculation Specifications.