Many of the list views in Presidio have been enhanced to include powerful new capabilities, including:
  • Excel like column filtering built in to each column
  • Dynamic Printing - your selected columns and sequence are what prints
  • Column Pinning - allows columns to remain locked when scrolling
  • Column Chooser and Drag/Drop Column Sequencing
  • Editing of data directly from list (currently Job Status only)
These new features are currently applied to the Estimate, Job, Customer and Shipping Lists in versions 4.0.27xx and above.

To quickly find a set of records matching a specific set of data click the "filter" button on the right side of the column header that you want to search/filter. A window will appear (see above) providing the option to type in specific search text or to choose specific items from the generated list. To remove a filter, select "Clear Filter" from the menu.

The Print and Preview buttons on the toolbar will open a dialogue box allowing you to adjust corresponding preferences

Column Selection/Pinning
Right-click on header row to choose columns to add. A specific column can be pinned or hidden by right-clicking on it. Column edits are user specific and will be saved by user for future sessions.

List Length
An field to control the number of records that appear has been added to the upper right corner of the list pages.  This is helpful for lists that have a long list of records.  When All is selected, all records will appear (subject to any applicable filters).  When a specific list length is defined it will display the first "X" number of records based on the current sorted column.