Vendor Paper Import

Presidio can import items from an Excel spreadsheet for use by Estimate, Purchase Order and/or Inventory.  There are two types of items, Non-Stock Items and Stock Items.  Non-Stock Items can be used in Estimate and Purchase Orders without the Inventory module.  Use of Stock Items requires the Inventory module.

The import utilities can be set to ‘update’ or ‘skip’.  Both options will create a new record for any item not already in the database.  If an item is already in the database, ‘update’ will replace modifiable field values with values from the new spreadsheet.  ‘Skip’ will ignore items already in the database.  

Non-Stock Items (Vendor Items)

Non-Stock Items are vendor items available for use in Estimate or PO.  The most common use of Non-Stock Items is for products your vendor provides that you order as needed for specific jobs and don’t typically keep on hand.  When selected in an estimate, Non-Stock Items will automatically add that items description, item number, price, weight, caliper and size to the estimate.  The easiest way to populate your database with your vendor’s Non-Stock Items is to import from an Excel spreadsheet.
A sample Excel Spreadsheet can be downloaded here

The import utilities is found under Actions>Import Vendor Items from either the Inventory screen or the Vendor screen.  When selected, the following screen will appear:

The import can:

  • Update Existing and Add New
  • Add New Only
  • Update Existing Only

The update options use the Vendor Item code to match existing items to items in the new spreadsheet.

Choose the option you prefer.  You can then identify the file and complete the field mapping.  For your reference, the file has the following field requirements:

Field Requirements
Item Code used for cross reference to Stock Item (parent).  [Inventory Users Only]
Fields that are too long will be truncated.
If Vendor Item Code exists as stock item, update stock item.  [Inventory Users Only]

Field  Notes     
Item Code* 30 character text    
Item Description*  60 character text    
Unit Cost  Number    
Min Order Q Integer    
Min Order Q  Integer    
Unit of Measure*  E, C or M (Each, CWT or per Thousand)    
Weight Number- only for Materials (not paper)    
Filter Code 20 character text    
Item Code  Not Used    
Group Not Used    
Size Text in format:  ###.### x ###.###    
BWT Number in format:  ##.#    
MWT  Number in format:  ##.#    
Caliper Number in format:  0.####    
Finish 30 character text    
Color  30 character text    
Basis Sq Inches Number   See Basic Paper Sizes for more info    
Coated Y or N    
SubKey M, MSQ, PS, PR (Material, Sq Foot Material, Paper Sheet or Paper Roll)    

* Required Field

Dropped when converted to Stock Item