4.2.5 Using the UPS Integration

In order for the integration to function, the Presidio UPS Integration option must be licensed and activated.  Contact Printers Software Support for more information.

Using the Import Map
  1. Select Import/Export Data > Keyed Import > UPS Import from Presidio
  2. The screen below will appear 
  3. Enter the Shipment ID (ex “12345-001” for Job# 12345 shipment #1)
  4. The import will automatically fill in all available data from that shipping record
  5. The Shipping ID can be entered manually or via a barcode scan

Using the Export Map

Select Import/Export Data > Automatic Export After Processing Shipment> UPS Export to Presidio.  

Each Shipment with either a Job# or Shipment ID (ex “12345-001” for Job# 12345 shipment #1) will automatically deliver the details to Presidio.  Shipments that were initiated via the Import Map (Keyed Import) will automatically have the Shipment ID in the Reference 1 field.  Manual shipments will require the user to enter the Job# or Shipment ID into the Reference 1 field.  Shipments with a Job# will create a new shipping record in Presidio for the job entered.  Shipments with a Shipment ID will update the existing record with the shipment details.

As an alternative to processing after each shipment, Import/Export Data > Automatic Export During End of Day> UPS Export to Presidio will process all shipments at once during your end of day procedure.  Both options should not be activated at the same time.