4.2.4 Creating UPS Export Map

Open UPS Worldship and select Import/Export Date>Create/Edit Map

Images may vary depending on UPS WorldShip version

Under New Map (like above) select: 
  1. Export data from WorldShip (or Export to ODBC Database)
  2. Shipment (from pull-down window)
  3. Name “UPS Export to Presidio”
  4. Click Create
  5. Select the ODBC driver created earlier and enter your credentials to connect.

The Map Fields window will appear (below).  

Under ODBC Tables, Select: tblUPSShipmentData

WorldShip Field ODBC Field 
 Shipment Information::Void Indicator  siIsVOID
 Shipment Information::Service Type  siServiceType
 Shipment Information::Shipment ID  siShipmentID
 Shipment Information::Billable Weight  siBillableWeight
 Shipment Information::Billing Option  siBillingOption
 Shipment Information::Description of Goods  siDescriptionOfGoods
 Shipment Information::Number of Packages  siNumberOfPackages
 Shipment Information::Total Shipment Published Charge  siTtlShipPubChg
 Shipment Information::Lead Tracking Number  siLeadTrackingNumber
 Shipment Information::Shipper Number  siShipperNumber
 Shipment Information::Package Type  siPackageType
 Ship To::Attention  stAttention
 Ship To::Company or Name  stCompanyName
 Ship To::Address 1  stAddressLine1
 Ship To::Address 2  stAddressLine2
 Ship To::City or Town  stCity
 Ship To::State/Province/County  stState
 Ship To::Postal Code  stZipCode
 Ship To::Telephone  stTelephone
 Ship To::Fax Number  stFAX
 Ship To::Country/Territory  stCountry
 Ship To::Email Address  stEMailAddr
 Package::Tracking Number  pkgTrackingNumber
 Package::Reference 2  pkgPackageReference1
 Package::Package Type  pkgPackageType
 Package::Weight  pkgWeight

Click OK then Close to complete the export setup.

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